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The Ehmry Bay server forum is a community for Guild Wars 2 players to discuss the game, plan events, coordinate WvW, and get to know each other better. The interaction on the forum will build social capital which will make for a more entertaining gaming experience.

Please be sure to not use your Guild Wars 2 account password when registering on this forum.

Lessons Learned

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#1 Inextirpable Adamas

Inextirpable Adamas

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Posted 05 July 2019 - 12:49 AM

Figured I'd check in here and toss a deeper topic into the mix.

Out of all of the years that we've been playing, and out of all of the people we've played with, all of our experiences and such- What have been some life lessons that you've learned from here that have helped you grow as a person?

Whether proving to yourself that you can do more than you expect, applying new ways of thinking, discovering hidden qualities, etc.
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#2 Tatiena


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Posted 22 July 2019 - 01:23 PM

I learned that no matter what you do, there's always a zerg of people just around the corner to smash you down.
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#3 Crosius


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Posted 05 August 2019 - 12:44 PM

I'd say I learned how social I really was, or really needed to be to be happy. I developed some very strong connections within the game before it was gutted at its core WvW values.

I logged over 7-8000 hours in a 4 year period during my undergrad, and I wouldn't have spent them any other way. When I stopped playing and didn't interact with people as much, I started to decline health-wise, and realized how much I loved the interaction GWII gave me. I am definitely an introvert, but I have a strong requirement for interaction I didn't realize how much I needed before.

I still care more about some people I have met on here than I do in real life, and I find myself nostalgic about the game and its players still, over 3-4 years later.

I learned that I genuinely loved and cared for the people I played with in this game, something very difficult to find in other platforms.

I also came to consider my time spent gaming as hours well-spent, because doing something you genuinely enjoy rather than building a stress-filled, life-breaking career with all your time is a better way to live by far. And that sentiment grows stronger by the day :lol:

#4 Levik Greywind

Levik Greywind

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Posted 26 November 2019 - 01:06 AM

GW2 was the first game I actively tried to become a part of the community and felt like that was a positive step forward for myself. And man, I miss old WvW and you guys. Was talking about the good ol days and getting nostalgic and stopped by here to see if there's any news. Maybe we need an old-school EB discord to stay in touch even if we go to other games.

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