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Jockeying is the key to FIFA Coins

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Posted 19 April 2019 - 07:30 PM

Jockeying is the key to FIFA Coins successful safeguarding in the majority of situations when the attacker is running at you. Get near to them with the left stick and carry out a standing handle -- most times, you'll win the ball back.It's always risky to perform a sliding tackle because you'll almost surely face a red card if you don't receive the ball. The trick to slide handling is to make certain you get the ball -- always slide head on or when you are very near the player. A flailing slide out of a space will hack down the attacker by his ankles however, a controlled slide using a solid defender can work very well.

Ensure you enter your game plans prior to each game and customise them to your liking. It allows much more control on how you strike and defend compared to the basic catch-all settings in previous iterations. It goes without saying that having two gamers pressuring the attacker is a lot greater than one. The next defender will cut off more departure angles, leaving you to perform a tackle.

Alongside holding R1 to get a second person and L2 to jockey, it is possible to hold A or X to include. It is like switching your guardian to autopilot. They'll monitor the attacker and maintain their ground, but a skilled player will continue to be able to pass it around you and also get past without a lot of problems. Containing is often beneficial to have closer to cheapest FIFA 19 Coins an attacker, because containing will tug you towards them, but you'll fare better by jockeying and tackling manually when you are close enough.

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