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The Ehmry Bay server forum is a community for Guild Wars 2 players to discuss the game, plan events, coordinate WvW, and get to know each other better. The interaction on the forum will build social capital which will make for a more entertaining gaming experience.

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Ever wished to build your own WvW game?

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#1 Gudradain


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Posted 22 December 2016 - 10:02 AM

Hi there,

I'm building a team to build a mobile RvR game inspired by GW2 WvW.

I'm looking for partners that love(d) this game mode and would like to bring all the great experience they had in it into a mobile game.

You can try a very pre-alpha demo of the game here : http://game.tsily.com

move pc : WASD
move phone : tilt your phone
throw a bomb : click on screen

I'm assuming the position of game developer and I'm mostly looking for a 2D artist at the moment, but anyone that is interested should apply.

There is so much more to game development than just coding, art and music. You need testers, marketers, fundraisers, community managers, gameplay designers, etc. If you have interest, I have a place for you on the team.

Hope to hear from you!

#2 Avenger Of The Pass

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Posted 05 February 2017 - 09:57 AM

It doesn't center properly on my screen. I can envision how such a concept can be translated after alpha versions, given that I've had at least a small acquaintance with game development... my suggestion for mid-development would be to first try and make an executable that can read assets, such as map layouts and object files from the GW2 data file (EVEN if in text format only, as long as you get manipulable data), and later replace these with files of your own making when actually sharing or publishing (due to copyright issues). There is also the option of limiting GW2 assets to only run for people who own GW2 already if you can find some kind of valid internal unique identifier or registry key; plenty of people would probably enjoy a near-original offline WvW experience. I know of at least one program that can read GW2 model files (the ATEX reader) already, so it is definitely possible. GW2 WvW itself doesn't come with simulated AI opponents or solid teams any more, unfortunately. This project has the potential to fill an emotional gap if released free of charge (although I don't think the idea's marketable; you would have to fork something original from the code that investors [and by logical extension, paying customers] would pay into).

These are my suggestions. If you're interested in getting back to me, I might be willing to help.
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