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Bloodtide Coast/Sorrowful Sound puzzle solution (duh, spoilers)

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 03:09 PM

0 - Talking to the panel and going through the sequence of numbers is a dead end and a waste of time. Don't bother.
1 - Destroy all the lightning turrets. This is just a convenience thing, it doesn't affect anything.
2 - Destroy one of the towers which drops the shield around the portal.
3 - With one of the towers destroyed, talk to the panel. It takes you through a startup sequence. When the sequence says "take a moment to consider the consequences", actually wait. Don't press abort. The sequence continues (get ready to abort the auto-abort quickly).
4 - The portal starts up. If you enter it now it will take you to a random location. Use the 3 buttons on the right side to change the numbers to match these numbers: 14xxxx 49xxx .022xxx
5 - Once on top you can use the panel there to calibrate the portal below to bring any friends along in case they missed it.

Two of the numbers in step four are written on data recorder 4 inside the shield. The third number was just trial and error.

Also, this youtube shows you how to cheat. I've confirmed that this does work as of 9/2.

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